BiographyTop-Ten New York Times Bestselling novelist several times over, author of 50 books.

DIANE CAREY is a New York Times Bestselling author of 53 books, including 30 Star Trek novels; two “Aliens” novels; “Banners,” the true story of the Star-Spangled Banner (both the flag and the national anthem) as well as the privateers’ war at sea; two Civil War novels, seven Young Adult novels about teens involved in emergency rescue and police work; a self-help book called “How to Help Stray Pets and Not Get Stuck,” a large book about Beaumont Hospital system in Michigan which involves interviews of over 90 doctors, nurses, and administrators and traces the history of medicine in Michigan; several historical novels and a few romance novels.

Carey was the first Star Trek New York Times bestselling novelist with her blockbuster “Dreadnought!” which inspired the plot for the movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” and her Top-Fifteen (New York Times Bestseller List) “Best Destiny,” which inspired characters and characterizations for the movie “Star Trek.” She has 10 Top-Ten New York Times Bestsellers and one Top-fifteen Hardcover Bestseller, as well as several more books that made other Bestseller Lists or were present on the New York Times List.

Much of Carey’s writing is bolstered by her activities aboard “real ships with real captains.” She is a watchleader, training officer, and deckhand aboard several historic sailing vessels over her adult life have given her a unique perspective which adds detail, realism, history and spice to her writing. She is also an active historian with interests in Stonehenge Iron-Age culture, the Civil War, the War of 1812, medieval history, the history of literature and the theatre, and ancient history. Carey is versatile with formats as well as genres; experienced with writing prose, both fiction and non-fiction, books, articles, case studies and novelizations, several screenplays, teleplays, both original and “for hire,” and is an accomplished script doctor. She has comfortably worked in many genres and loves and challenge and a chance to learn more. She is very comfortable and flexible when working with other people’s ideas and characters.


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