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Michigan Science Fiction Writers Series Interview. November 19, 2004. Click Here to Listen


ADDY (American Advertisers) Award for Memorial Hospital Annual Report; wrote all case studies of Memorial patients in the report.

Distinguised Fellowship awarded by Flint Northern High School Alumni Association.

Peanut Press Award for Internet Bestseller

Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion Award for Historical Novel, 1987

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Below are movies and television shows based on or inspired by novels by Diane Carey.


Inspired by the book “Dreadnought!”


Inspired by the book “Best Destiny”

“I was surprised and delighted, of course, when the writers of the movie ‘Star Trek’ with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto said in several interviews that my book Best Destiny has inspired the plot. I developed the character of George Kirk, as requested by my editor at Pocket, for the book Final Frontier, then carried him on to Best Destiny, which was James Kirk’s first adventure in deep space…”

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A STATE OF HATE – full-length crime drama motion picture written for Collective Development, Inc., for production in 2010.

STAR FLEET ACADEMY INTERACTIVE GAME – script editing and dialogue writing for Paramount Pictures.