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You’re going about your daily life when it happens: you see a dog on the side of the road, confused and lost. Or maybe a frightened kitten where no kitten should be. Or you witness a pet as it is tossed out of a passing car. . .what can you do? Take charge and risk getting stuck with a pet you don’t want? Pass it by and feel bad forever? Worry in the middle of the night about whether you should have helped?

How to Help Stray Pets and Not Get Stuck offers step by step methods for taking action to help stray dogs and cats, so that you can take them home without disrupting your home. And then how to find them excellent permanent homes. This is the method developed from scratch by one Mid West family, a method that has worked for over 30 years. This is how to help the helpless without becoming an animal hoarder by explaining what to do and what not to do.

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A large shoe with a lanky leg behind it snaked out of the coach’s passenger window. The window, because the doors were bolted shut at the bottoms for the safety of the passengers. Such irony.
The extended leg bounced and quavered because the huge coach bounced and quavered on the washboard-rutted road, as if calling to the wheel it had lost a quarter-mile back.
In front of the huge flat-bottomed coach, four matched horses thundered down the road, spooked to the marrow.
“Ho—wah—whoa–hah!” cried a black boy from the driver’s seat. He tried to reach for the reins that had slipped out of his hands, but they were beyond reach, dancing across the rear horses’ two rumps.
But that leg, that lanky gray-trousered leg, was almost out the window, and behind the leg, a lawyer.

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