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14 Aug

Help Stop Puppy Mills

One major problem in the world of pets is puppy and kitten mills. These breeding operations are a horror for the pets trapped in them, a pet version of death camps. Pets are forced to breed year after year, while living their lives out in small cages, with no comfort or attention and little medical care. Sometimes the pets live in stacked cages, so the feces and urine drop down onto the animals below. Puppies and kittens are often taken away from their mothers too early, receive little socialization, and when someone buys the pet he or she rarely really knows what he’s getting.

These breeders are experts at hiding their cruelty, and can easily pretend that a mother dog or cat is living in comfortable conditions and that the puppies or kittens are being raised humanely. Don’t be fooled. And don’t buy puppies and kittens from pet stores.

Contact your state representative and ask about laws cracking down on these nightmare breeders, and on pet stores who sell the offspring. Ask what can be done to push new laws in your state. Maybe you can circulate a petition or visit other representatives, or work with your rep to stop irresponsible breeding and cruel conditions viagra remboursement belgique. Call today. Right now.

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