Tips & Tricks from How to Help Stray Pets & Not Get Stuck

16 Jul
Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Projects or activities like helping stray pets can get out of hand very fast because you get excited about being pro-active and doing something. You may go out and suddenly buy five dozen products in preparation for finding a stray pet. You might get obsessed with the idea and buy too much, overrun your house with preparation, and just get too excited.

Try not to do this. Understand that picking up stray animals is a now-and-then kind of thing; it doesn’t happen every day–although I’ve had periods where it certainly seemed to do that. Control yourself and just buy the very basic items, mostly at dollar stores–a leash, a collar or two in different sizes, a water bowl and food bowl, a bag of dog or cat food, some cans of food. Prepare a place for your stray to sleep, and put the items in your car or house, whatever is appropriate.

Not at a dollar store, buy a good field knife, like a Swiss Army knife or a fish scaling knife and put it in the center console of your car acheter du viagra en pharmacie sans ordonnance. These can be found on ebay or other bargain sites. Just buy a good one. Who knows? You may find yourself at a car accident and needing to cut a seat belt. It happens, and you’ll be ready.

And that’s all you need. Take a deep breath, read the book, and if you’re still amped up, try volunteering at a rescue organization or a vet to ease you into the pet rescue community. You’ll have more success that way, and be much more satisfied with the results. Go boldly, but go slowly.

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